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Kioskzine 5.0 - Ana Brígida

Kioskzine 5.0 - Ana Brígida


The Kioskzine 5.0 costs 8 euros (plus shipping cost) and includes one zine with Ana Brígida’s work.

  • Kioskzine 5.0 invited artist is the well-known Portuguese photographer Ana Brígidawith her work “Inland”.


    This is a love story between man, nature, and animals. The exodus to metropolitan regions has left a track of deserted villages, but also derelict houses and crops and pastures left to the wilderness and at the mercy of wildfires.


    Today’s urban lifestyle of mass consumption and technology is not a compelling way to live anymore for many people. For some, a better way is found in the quiet inlands where they are catching up with the lost traditions and giving it new breath and meanings. Their dream is to live among nature. To live in a more sustainable way.


    Across Serra do Açor there are now an estimate 1,000 new inhabitants scattered throughout the region’s boroughs. At Benfeita, 35 new children cheer up the village once and long barren of life and energy. They are advocates of indigenous forest species and fight against eucalyptus mass plantations, they have rebuilt the many homes wrecked by the 2017 fires, and they have lifted whole communities.


    40 pages X-per matte 120gr certified paper A5 Format

    Printed in Portugal by Orgal Impressores

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