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Kioskzine 6.0 - Augusto Brázio

Kioskzine 6.0 - Augusto Brázio


The Kioskzine 6.0 costs 8 euros(plus shipping cost) and includes one zine with Augusto Brázio’s work.

  • Kioskzine 6.0 invited artist is the well-known Portuguese photographer Augusto bráziowith his work “Republic”.


    What shapes the path of a photographer - scrutinizing, entering, walking, listening, reflecting? To be guided by people, to be engulfed into the shadows of the night, to follow paths that cross ours or lead us into another direction.

    In Republic, Augusto Brázio journeys through a hidden Portugal. Shying away from the overbearing glare of tourism, Augusto walks us through a less well known, often surreal, side of Portugal, its actors and its characters.

    The images of this portfolio were originally produced for a body of work titled “A diary of the Republic” by Colectivo Kameraphoto.

    40 pages X-per matte 120gr certified paper A5 Format

    Printed in Portugal by Orgal Impressores

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