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Kioskzine 8.0 Special Edition - José Bacelar + Print

Kioskzine 8.0 Special Edition - José Bacelar + Print


The Kioskzine 8.0 Special Edition costs 30 euros (plus shipping cost) and includes one zine with José Bacelar’s work plus a print numbered and signed by the artist. There are two prints, limited to 15 each, to choose from. The print was printed by Lumen Studio in Porto.


    Kioskzine 8.0 invited artist is the well-known Portuguese photographer José Bacelar with his work “À sombra de Deus”.


    À sombra de Deus (In the shadow of God)


    In 2018 I was invited by Alfredo Cunha to develop a photographic project about Braga as part of the 28th edition of “Encontros da Imagem”.

    I accepted immediately. I grew up in Braga. I love the city.

    I decided to immerse myself into the city and, in a flash of light, I feel reborn in the shadow of each stone, the very stones that built my identity. I revolve indivisible. I take a shortcut in narratives born before all centuries in this city that is mine. They are lived and dreamt fragments of the place where I grew up. I am part of Braga as I am part of any other city. I meet old friends and meet new people. I try not to arrange anything, I let life happen. Braga has changed and so have I. I explore the city, I live it as intensely as possible and, simultaneously, experience a shadow mirage revisited in this light that is mine.

    Interestingly, or maybe not, I continue to photograph and live this city that I feel.

    Braga, the city of the archbishops, where I grew up and of which I have deep memories, a conservative and young city, where everything happens, in the Shadow of God.


    Print 18x12cm, 295gr paper printed by Lumen Studio in Porto.


    44pages + Central spread quadriptic - A5 Format


    X-per matte 120gr certified paper


    Printed in Portugal by Orgal Impressores

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