Kioskzine 2.0 - Manuel Roberto

The Kioskzine 2.0 costs 8 euros and includes one zine with Manuel Roberto’s work plus shipping costs.

Kioskzine 2.0 - Manuel Roberto

  • Kioskzine is back with a new publication! Kioskzine 2.0 invited artist is the Portuguese photojournalist grapher Manuel Roberto with his work “The hunger of others” and the photo I didn’t take for my newspaper. This project published in Kioskzine 2.0 is part of a work done 21 years ago, during the “Eline” weather depression, in Mozambique, March 2000, which devasted the country leaving behind around 800 thousand fatalities.


    40 pages X-per matte 120gr paper

    A5 Format

    Printed in Portugal by Orgal Impressores