Kioskzine 4.0 - Rita Carmo

The Kioskzine 4.0 costs 10 euros (plus shipping cost) and includes one zine with Rita Carmo’s work plus a signed poster from the artist.

Kioskzine 4.0 - Rita Carmo

  • Kioskzine 4.0 invited artist is the well-known Portuguese photographer Riat Carmo with her work “Hidden details”.


    The Project “Hidden Details” was born whilst checking focal points of photos to be published in the BLITZ magazine. I was often surprised when choosing the best photos to publish by the little details practically imperceptible to the audience: torn stockings, jumpers fixed by safety pins, very small tattoos with meaningful messages

    40 pages - A5 Format

    X-per matte 120gr certified paper

    Printed in Portugal by Orgal Impressores